Rupanrti was built up in beginning of 2012 in Muzaffarpur. At Rupantri our Accent is on “Nature of Education” mixed with Value of Life, Focus on Goals and Passion to Excel” This Institute has progressed toward becoming, so to state, a watch word for progress and is held in high regard by the understudy network, its folks and gatekeepers as likewise by people in general all in all. In spite of the fact that it is simply a free organization, not looking for or getting any guide from coffers of the express, the establishment has worthy accomplishments shockingly as well as earned for itself a notoriety which has turned into the jealousy of every single other foundation of comparative nature everywhere throughout the state

The course goes for outfitting the understudies with a through handle and debilitating information of the subjects they need to get ready for JEE, NEET with different Engg. rivalries and it imparts in them the genuinely necessary certainty which has a significant effect among progress and disappointment.

The organization is having its own Study Centers which are putting forth Classroom Programs for JEE, NEET, AIIMS & BOARD at Priyadarshini, Maripur, Muzaffarpur (Bihar).